Japan Federation of Shoe-Wholesalers' Organizations 協同組合名古屋オールシューズ連盟 大阪靴卸協同組合 東京都靴卸協同組合

Business coverage and doings

  1. Finding out and making reports on the yearly trends of the wholesaling trade and conducting necessary activities to contribute to sound progress of the trade.
  2. Taking necessary procedures to apply for the quota for the customs duties for leather made footwears and related matters.
  3. Making joint activities to promote sales of leather shoes.
  4. Holding social gatherings with overseas shoe manufacturers (information exchange).
  5. Promoting adoption of unified slips for footwears aiming at rationalization of clerical works in the trade.
  6. Making reports on retailers causing problems finding out from the exchanged data for improvements of the transactions and by cooperation of the member companies.
  7. Distributing the statistic data for import custom clearance information on footwears and conducting the activities to cope with the Product Liability Act.
  8. Conducting the activities to cope with the Product Liability Act.
  9. Conducting investigations and performing research works in Japan and in overseas markets.
  10. Conducting activities to collect data and information and to hold training courses.
  11. Establishing the web site on the Internet.
  12. Conducting activities to cooperate with government offices and authorities concerned and with related organizations.
  13. In addition to the activities and doings according to all the above paragraphs, conducting the activities and doings needed to achieve the objectives of our Federation.